Agnes Manners’ top three most-influential albums

The world’s moving pretty fast right now, so how about we settle in for a little something soft and sobering? Introducing Anges Manners, the new musical moniker for former Hellions guitarist, Matthew Gravolin.

There’s an undeniable tenderness that echoes through the opening notes of ‘As Long As You’re Mine’. The appropriate mood-setter and establishing sound of Anges Manners’ debut song.

Throughout the 2:46 track, the Sydney-born musician introduces us to his romantic side as soft vocals and shimmering cymbals swirl around slow, R&B-inspired beats. The commanding nature of Matt’s vocals are complimented by the lighter tones of Dream State’s Charlotte Gilpin. And as the saxophone rings out around them, the track’s place as an addictive pop ballad is settled. 

Even if you don’t love the smushy stuff, you’ll be lugging your arms around your mates when your hear this.

Something tells us ALAYM is only a taster of the styles and sounds which influence the former Hellions riff-maker. So we asked Matt to count down the three albums which most inspired his new project:

Hellions – Rue

The many months of writing in service of ‘Rue’ set me on the path toward Agnes Manners. We wanted to draw from the deep well of 70’s / 80’s theatricality and in doing so I found myself delving into the pioneering works of operatic rock that dominated the era. I became a student of time-honoured storytelling devices, I learned unusual chord shapes and employed archaic song structures that made for an emotional depth and refinement that was previously inaccessible for me. In a lot of ways, the writing for Agnes Manners was a continuation of the study I had done for ‘Rue’, but being unencumbered by public expectation gave me a new sense of freedom.

Father John Misty – Pure Comedy

This album could have been called Philosophical Pessimism: The Musical. There’s something about that mode of thought that rings true to me so I was delighted to have stumbled upon this heavily orchestrated 74 minute satire on the state of the planet. It opened my eyes to new realm of possibility, lyrics can be humorous and starkly poignant at the same time, as demonstrated on ‘Total Entertainment Forever’ and ‘Leaving LA’, the latter being one of my all-time favourite songs, it taught me a lot about music as a storytelling format.

The 1975 – I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It

I had been a fan of a few tracks from The 1975’s self titled debut but I was surprised by the scope of this. From the first listen this felt like a modern classic – you can’t help but move to the albums opening quarter and you can’t help but be moved by it’s deep cuts. ‘UGH!’, is about as musically colourful and lyrically flavoursome as it gets.

Give Anges Manners – As Long As You’re Mine a spin on Spotify.

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