Columbus: growing through the pain

Columbus know all about the growing pains that come with being in a new band. It’s a narrative that inspired recent single ‘Can’t Hide From What Hurts’, a song that put the Brisbane-based trio back on track after line-up changes and multiple tour cancellations threatened to derail them completely.

Helping to propel Columbus towards 2020 was new Sydney-born bassist Lauren Guerrera, who stepped into the role officially last year after a tour test run of sorts. “It was cool to be playing shows where people were singing along,” Lauren reflects as we chat outside Melbourne’s Northcote Social Club. The band are in town to support fellow Australian rockers Young Lions, so we take our chance to steal the Sydney muso away to gossip about all manner of things but mainly the pop punk parody videos she used to make for YouTube.

We immediately swap music anecdotes; Lauren quickly confesses her long-standing love for AFI and reels off memories of seeing them live. We agree, fondly remembering the ‘Decemberunderground’ era and the sharp white suits that accompanied it. With the infectious enthusiasm of a kid who’s just uncovered hidden B-sides on their favourite album, it’s clear to see the energy Lauren has added to Columbus.  

During our time together, we mull over Sydney’s homegrown music scene, her well-practised tips for op-shopping on tour and how Lauren’s sustainable fashion choices could shape the band’s future merch.

Read the full feature and flick through the complete photoset in the first print issue of Hammerhead, coming real soon.

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