Besides being some of the nicest people we’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with (yep, maybe ever), it turns out the guys that make up Speed are bringing something undeniably sincere and original to Australian hardcore.

Our time together begins at the band’s first Melbourne showcase – a sweaty floor show at Brick + Mortar Supply’s Prahran store. They tear it up. Like, truly tear it up. Within moments of their set wrapping up, there’s a line out the door to grab exclusive merch and high-fives. Everyone’s buzzed and the vibe feels good. Bassist Aaron scores himself a metallic black eye later in the night and he’s still smiling.

Fast forward 24 hours and the Sydney outfit are drowning in dog cuddles with our resident studio good boy. Before heading out for a photoshoot around Fitzroy, we settle in to get the lowdown on how a gang called Speed came together. What we hear is an inspiring story about friendship, resilience and overwhelming positivity. It’s layered with tales of growing up going to local shows, sharing influences and allowing their identity to be shaped by the positive parts of the scene around them.

We’ll tell you the whole thing in the first issue of Hammerhead. Dropping soon.

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