Shredding the Stigma: Northlane’s Marcus Bridge on ‘friendship’

This post is in partnership with positive mental health initiative and podcast, Don’t Fret Club.

Northlane vocalist Marcus Bridge takes part in our Shredding the Stigma series, here focusing in on the topic of ‘friendship’.

Chatting to us while at Good Things Festival in Melbourne, Marcus looks at the importance of solid friendships within the context of music, touring and managing mental health.

On the question of maintaining friendships while in a busy band and on tour, Marcus says, “I’ve come to realise that your friends, who are your true, deep friends, they’re the kind of people that you might not talk to for however long and then [you’ll] see them or give them a call one day, and it’s like you’ve been hanging out every day since.

“I’ve got a few friends like that. Yeah I might be away for a long time and miss them heaps but then I come home, or just have a chat to them, and it’s like I never left.”

Adding, “I think it’s important to know though that the world keeps moving and you’ve got to do your thing [and] your friends have to do their thing. In the end, if you are close friends, you will always find your way back and have that same relationship.

“I think it’s easy to think, when you’re busy with work or whatever it might be, that your friends have forgotten about you but it’s as easy as reaching out and seeing what they’re up to. For the most part, they’ll always have time for you as long as they have their own time.”

Listen to the full chat above or find Don’t Fret Club on Soundcloud or Apple Podcasts.

If you or someone you know is affected by any of the issues discussed in this podcast, please reach out to speak to a professional for support. Lifeline Australia is 13 11 14, and a list of worldwide helplines is available at

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