The Dead Love and mates share ISO sing-along

Everyone’s been handling lockdown differently – maybe you’ve used it as a time to test the true resilience of your lucky undies, alphabetise your record collection, wash your gross Converse or scroll all the way to the bottom of your ex’s Instagram. Bleak. Maybe, during those truly desperate hours, you’ve even convinced yourself you like pineapple on pizza. Heathens. 

Meanwhile, Sydney’s The Dead Love have slammed on the productivity pedal and produced the most hooktastic new track to combat those shitty social distancing feels.

After taking inspiration from the struggles his girlfriend was facing with isolation (you know, the part when you realise you haven’t left your house in weeks), vocalist Stevie Knight called up his bandmates, jumped on FaceTime with a few mates and cut together what we now know to be killer new track ‘My Friends’. 

Check out the new video to see familiar faces from Stand Atlantic, Yours Truly, DZ Deathrays, RedHook, Bakers Eddy, Teen Jesus & the Jean Teasers, The Lazy Susans and Columbus joining forces (virtually) to belt out the catchiest line: “I miss my friends, and I miss how it used to be.” Don’t we all.

We checked in with The Dead Love to find out what they’ll actually be doing once lockdown measures are lifted and to be honest, it all sounds bloody beautiful.

Miles: “When isolation is over I’m going to hug my mates and tell them how much they mean to me. If being in solitary has taught me anything it’s the value of friendship and not to take anything or anyone for granted. I’m also going surfing the first chance I get. I can’t wait to paddle out and stare at the horizon to clear my mind and get back to being mates with Mother Nature.”

Stevie: “I think the thing I’m looking forward to most, besides seeing my friends and family again, is going to see live music and tap beer. This whole ISO thing has made me re-appreciate the simple things for sure!”

Clint: “Defo getting band and some pals together, heading down the south coast for waves, pub courtyard beers and camping!”

Sounds great you bunch of fucking hippies. Go hit repeat via Spotify.

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