Dear Seattle, Don’t Let Go

At a glance, Dear Seattle’s ‘Don’t Let Go’ is as authentically Australian as they come. The rowdy gang vocals and euphoric ‘da da da da’ sections have all the hallmarks of getting drunk in your mate’s backyard, but dig a little deeper and the Sydney pop-rockers have laid the foundations for something much more intentional. ‘Daytime TV’, ‘Maybe’ and ‘Homegrown’ will translate effortlessly to radio airwaves, while still indulging fans in the kind of meaty melodies they can pit to. There’s serious strength in Brae Fisher’s lyrics, with tracks like ‘You’ and ‘I Keep Dreaming’ pausing the quick pace to allow softer, guitar-driven hooks to shimmer. In full, ‘Don’t Let Go’ gives Dear Seattle a solid set of crowd-pleasers to hit the road with, while firmly planting the seed for growth.

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