PUP, Morbid Stuff

‘Morbid Stuff’ isn’t about being down on your luck, but more about having total shit luck. The kind of shit luck that millennials are growing increasingly accustomed to thanks to Internet upbringings and the stark realisation that the world isn’t set up for their survival. It isn’t necessarily ‘deep’ either, but more a head on collision with what everyone’s thinking but too exhausted to put into words. Luckily, PUP have crafted a coming-to-terms record which screeches and shouts just enough to mask the painful realisation that every lyric resonates down to the deepest, darkest levels of your subconscious. 

Don’t worry, the Canadian punks haven’t sacrificed their pace for the sake of sombre lyrical content. Instead, they verbalise confronting notions to a tuneful liberation of punchy drums, crashing cymbals and dizzying guitars. At its lowest, the record’s gang vocals throw out a vital lifeline, swooping in with intent and charm. And at its highest, PUP’s poetic storytelling and sarcastic sing-alongs have you laughing in the face of fear and anxiety. ‘Morbid Stuff’ is very good stuff, from start to finish.

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