Through their photographer’s lens: the rise of the Creeper Cult

Would you believe it? Creeper have only gone and got themselves locked in a tense chart battle with Ronan Keating. Not that anything surprises us anymore.

But here we are: keeping our limbs crossed awkwardly as the British punks vie for the Top Five spot in the UK album charts in support of sophomore record, ‘Sex, Death & The Infinite Void’.

After entering the chart at number two, Creeper’s ever-valiant cult of supporters have been slamming the album streams hard on Spotify all week. But whether they land the fifth spot or not, Creeper’s chart position will likely still be their highest to date – a triumph that, actually, many people predicted early on. None more so than those closest to them.

Creeper’s mainstream appeal wasn’t guaranteed, and in many ways it doesn’t even make sense, but from the inside looking out, their success was all but inevitable.

After witnessing an early house show in Southampton, back when the band formed in 2014, Creeper’s friend and photographer Jay Wennington took the chance to document their rise through his lens. Here, Jay shares some of those defining moments he captured along the way, having toured with the band between 2015-2017.

Taken at a No3 house show in Southampton, Aug 2014: the first time I ever saw Creeper play.

From the first-ever tour in January 2015 supporting Funeral For A Friend. This particular photo was taken just after playing London’s Electric Ballroom. It would’ve been their ninth ever show and they’d just signed their record deal during the day.

Touring with The Misfits in August 2015.

I’ll never forget the overwhelming energy inside London’s Old Blue Last during their second headline show there in September 2015. There was no mistaking the city’s love for them.

The band’s first taste of a tour bus in January 2016, which was coincidentally the first time fans would be waiting outside to meet them.

The dedicated fan base became a staple at shows – photographed here during the first international tour in March 2016.

A very special night, having sold out The Underworld in London.

There was a monumental turnout for Creeper’s hometown show at The Guildhall – the city’s most prestigious venue – in support of Neck Deep, April 2016.

Officially the first time we scored a free lunch. Unforgettable.

Here’s the band catching their breath after playing Slam Dunk Hatfield in May 2016. Some unlucky fans may remember not being able to even get in the room – it was totally packed out and felt like a sauna.

Crammed into the back of a Greenvan, taken during their first-ever headlining tour across North American tour in July 2016.

We shot these promos on set of the ‘Susan’ music video in South London sometime in September 2016. Without even saying it, we all knew the vision has really been realised.

A full tent for their Reading Festival debut in August 2016.

The headline shows really started to feel big during March 2017.

Finally getting on the radar of the Westboro Baptist Church in July 2017.

The fanbase seemed just as dedicated across the pond, waiting all day for Creeper to close their stage in the wind and rain during Vans Warped tour in July 2017.

Give Creeper’s new album ‘Sex, Death & The Infinite Void’ a spin on Spotify.

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