Beartooth, Corner Hotel, Melbourne

Beartooth have maintained a fierce appetite for hard-hitting punk ever since the onslaught of their 2013 debut EP, ‘Sick’. Fast forward to 2018’s ‘Disease’, the Ohio mob’s third full-length, and Beartooth’s hunger for hardcore has transcended into one of the most intoxicating live shows in the scene today.

Outside of Australia, Beartooth busy themselves playing to major festival crowds and rowdy theatre audiences, sharing stages with the likes of A Day To Remember, The Amity Affliction and Bring Me The Horizon. So for the fans waiting patiently for Beartooth’s debut headline tour down under, they know the intimate setting of Melbourne’s Corner Hotel offers a rare glimpse at a big beast in an uncharacteristically small space.

Tonight, they’re joined by Melbourne’s own Windwaker and Thornhill, who tear through their opening sets respectively. Both are well received and it’s their heaviest moments which invigorate the crowd most.

Meanwhile, Beartooth’s recent run of European festivals may’ve also taken their toll on Caleb Shomo’s vocals, who raises some caution over his sore throat from the onset, but Melbourne’s sold-out crowd are happy to fill in at every opportunity.

‘Bad Listener’, ‘Beaten In Lips’ and ‘Aggressive’ set the exhilarating pace, opening the floor for Beartooth’s fearless and confronting back-catalogue. ‘Manipulation’ is the night’s heaviest three minutes, while 2013’s breakout single ‘I Have A Problem’ has the entire room gasping for breath.

Closer ‘In Between’ is a given, but the fan favourite doubles as the crowd’s own personal swan song. With the room’s core spinning into action, voices and fists are raised from wall to wall, strong enough as if to say ‘come back soon’. And with that, Beartooth’s first headliner in Melbourne is a triumphant affair which flashes by in the blink of an eye.

Beartooth, Corner Hotel, Melbourne, 12/07/19

All photos by Jay Wennington

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