Ben Barlow: “Everyone gets a shitty tattoo”

Heavily into traditional flash, Ben Barlow has been avidly collecting tattoos while touring the world with Neck Deep. 

As for his favourite tattooers, Ben tells us, “I have a few people on my list that I’m dying to get tattooed by. Steve Byrne (@steve_byrne_tattoo) is my favourite tattooer, he’s obviously huge and it’s an obvious choice but it’s undeniable how good he is. I’m a big fan of @Greggletron at the minute, he’s awesome. Rich Hadley, who I’m lucky did my chest, and there’s a guy called @jimmie_tatts down in Bristol and @Marcosattwood is his mate as well. Those dudes in the UK are some of my favourites. Robert Ryan as well, and @koji_ichimaru is another dude I’m dying to get a tattoo by.

I filled up super quick between the age of 18 and 20, and got a ton of stuff done. It’s not that I don’t like them, there’s definitely some that I wish I would have thought out a little more, but that’s kind of the point of tattooing. You kind of realise that everyone gets a shitty tattoo. You learn from it and it, literally, becomes a part of you. Not everyone likes every feature on their body and everyone gets a tattoo that they don’t like at some point. You realise after a while that, yeah, getting tattooed is about having a good tattoo and them looking good, but for the most part you don’t need a meaning for a lot of your tattoos.

Because we do travel so much then it’s a perfect opportunity for me to get tattooed by all these people. If I was just at home with a regular job, I’d have nowhere near as many tattoos as I’ve got and I would never even be considering getting a tattoo from someone like Steve Byrne.”

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