Creeper’s make-up artist talks through their new album look

“Aesthetic has been an important aspect of Creeper from our very inception,” the British band explained in a recent Instagram post, as they handed over their feed to make-up artist and long-time collaborator Charlotte Clutterbuck.

Sharing her scoop on their recent looks, Charlotte’s new video forms part of the band’s social media support for new album, ‘Sex, Death and The Infinite Void’.

While they may’ve ditched The Callous Heart patches that defined their debut album (‘Eternity, In Your Arms’), Creeper’s stylistic eye for detail has flowed seamlessly into the sophomore follow-up.

Still every bit as flamboyant and gothic, the Southampton punks now don all white outfits – with singer Will Gould opting for sharper, Bowie-esque tailoring – in place of their former all black, faux-leather uniform.

“To transform Will into the character of ‘Roe’, long-time collaborator and make up artist @charlotteclutterbuckmakeup was brought in to create the looks for the videos, magazine covers and photo shoots.”

Charlotte talks fans through the process:

Creeper’s new album ‘Sex, Death and The Infinite Void’ is out now – give it a listen on Spotify.

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